Thursday, November 1, 2018



Raspberry is an adorable little fruit.  She is selfless and helpful.  She has bumpy skin and tall spiky leaves.  She is kind and caring and is always trusted to do important jobs.  Raspberry has to be very careful because if he trips he will pop!  You don't want to get on Raspberry's bad side, she may look small and cute but she has a fiery temper.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Alphabetical story

Aurian Law fell over.
But she was ok!
Cats came and started licking her face.
"Disgusting!" said Aurian. 
Emma, her best friend, came to help.
Fortunately, there was no blood.
"Get up." Emma said.
" Hurry up, get off the ground." said Emma.
"I'm trying." mumbled Aurian.
Just then strange men came!
"Kayden get the sack." whispered one of the men.
Logan went and got the sack.
"Maybe we could make a run for it." whispered Emma.
"No !" exclaimed Aurian. "They are much faster than us!"
 "Oh, Aurian, you silly duck!" said Emma.
 "Possibly we could make a run for it," said the silly duck.
 "Quickly run!" yelled Emma.
 Roosters suddenly came and attacked the men.
 Surprisingly the men were afraid of roosters.
 Then the men tripped and the sack flew into the air and trapped   the  roosters!
 Unfortunately the men were ok!
 "Very funny!" said the men in a sarcastic tone of voice.
 "We are going to take you back to our bunker!" hissed one of     the men.
 "Xara help us!" called out Aurian to her dog!
 "Yip." said Xara and she chased away the men.
 Zalia, Aurian's mother made pie for them, while they told her   what  happened.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Inquiry reflection sheet

Into the blue!

The Ocean!

The Ocean!
Polluted water, sparkling blue, colourful coral, water gleaming.
The ocean is related to the world.
The ocean loves the animals living in it.
The ocean feels sad because we are killing the life within it.
The Ocean needs our help.
The ocean gives us oxygen.
The ocean fears  that there will be no me sea animals.
The Ocean would like to see healthy sea animals.
The ocean lives all over the earth.

The sparkling ocean!

Water filtration experiment!

Water filtration experiment!

Hypothesis:The water will be murky.
AIM: purify the water.

  • Sand                                     
  • Gravel                                    
  • Water                                    
  • Cotton buds
  • Paper towels
  1. Cut the bottle.
  2. Put cotton buds in bottle
  3. Put paper towel over cotton buds
  4. Put in gravel
  5. Put in sand.
  6. Pour in dirty water.

Results: The water came out clear, but not ok to drink!

Conclusion: It was successful because the water came out clear,
but next time we will put the sand before the gravel.